Pure Blend Stress & Anxiety Roll-on 10ml


Rely on this potent blend when you need more balance in your life. Breathe it to prepare for taxing interactions or stressful conversations. Inhale directly from the bottle before a high-pressure meeting. Use Stress Away during exercise to find a deeper level of relaxation in your workout. Help your kids stay on top of their game … use this sweet blend before tests, during high-pressure schedules, for sports, or whenever their nerves are on high alert to help them feel empowered and energized.

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Product Description

Stress & Anxiety

Relax and Overcome Stressful Feelings of Anxiousness, Naturally!

  • Remove unwanted physical and emotional tension
  • Instills a feeling of peace and calming
  • Support mental clarity and boost positive thinking
  • Breathe the relaxing scent to empower and energize when feeling uneasy.
  • Lift mood and improve outlook on tasks and goals
  • Take to work or school where stress levels can be high to ensure you stay relaxed and productive all day long!


You can only stretch yourself so far before the long-term effects of stress and tension begin to pull things apart. Do something before the overwhelming physical and mental effects of stress pull you down. Nurture your health with the gentle power of essential oils.


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